Madeira island is not a huge island but has incredible natural pools carved out of lava rocks, gorgeous cliffs overlooking the ocean, beautiful walks, centenary forests, and charming towns, it's no wonder that the Madeira Island is repeatedly considered the world's top island destination. Make sure you don’t miss the best spots, thus discover them on the list below.


Observe the milky way at Paúl da Serra

There are many places in Madeira to look up the sky and feel like flying through the stars, but Paul da Serra is a truly site to take a moment to observe the milky way.

This place is the largest and most extensive plateau on the island of Madeira with an average altitude of approximately 1500 meters that is why by night, this place is the perfect spot for stargazing and even the moon rise, because there are no lights neither building.

By day, you may have the chance to observe the ocean from both the north and south side of the island, a very unique landscape above the clouds.

Drink poncha at Camâra de Lobos

Some people call it ‘’Churchill town’’or ‘’fisherman village’’. The British Prime Minister brought a title to this place because he fell in love with the town, and certainly you will as well.

Easy to access and near to Funchal you can discover this small village and have lunch there, there is various typical restaurants where you can taste Madeiran food like a local, such as espetada, prego, milho or picado.

It is said that the origin of poncha dates to the 16th century in Câmara de Lobos, as the discoverers carried lemon on their voyages to prevent scurvy.

Touch the sky in Cabo girão

This promontory is the second highest in the world, and the landscape that the Cabo Girão viewpoint has to offer is must-see.

From the glass bottom skywalk, you can witness amazing views over the crystal-clear waters of the Atlantic Ocean and the town of Camara de Lobos, along with a large chunk of the beautiful South Coast of Madeira.

After visiting Cabo Girão Skywalk, if you have more time to explore, you can also ride a cable car down the face of some of the highest cliffs in Europe.

Explore Fanal Forest Park

On the north side of Madeira Island, you can find a mysterious ancient forest. Fanal is one of the magical places, the twisted branches of the grand centenary Ocotea Foetens trees and sometimes the fog come together in this fairytale scene.

Here you can find unique fauna and flora, free wandering cows, lagoons, breathtaking viewpoints and beautiful walks, be sure to make at least one: Vereda do Fanal, Levada dos Cedros.

This place is perfect for adventurers and for those who search for a peaceful spot to relax or do a picnic in a quiet place, there are lots of picnic tables and places to gather with family and friends so it can be a great place to spend a few hours in a group.

Swim at the natural swimming pools of Porto Moniz

Porto Moniz Natural Pools are full of natural salt-water which enters naturally with crystal clear water.

This family-friendly location allows you to swim, explore, snorkel, and hang out on the rock formations and small lagoons. It’s where you come on a day-off, a place to recover the day after work or a great spot to chill and catch up with a friend.

For just a 1.50 euros entry fee, this is the best value fun you will ever have on vacation with a great view down the coast. You can grab a little corner to yourself, laze about in the sun and enjoy the buzz of the waves at the pool.

Admire Véu da Noiva viewpoint

There is no possible description for this magical place, you will have to see it with your own eyes to feel it.

If you are a waterfall lover but you are not into being in the middle of the jungle to reach one, this beautiful waterfall, known as the Bride Veil on the North is a must, it runs down the mountain and flows straight into the Atlantic Ocean.

This viewpoint is one of the most incredible viewpoints on the North side because you can stand on the platform and view down towards the east with wonderful views over the mountains and the Atlantic Ocean, green hills, and blue-sky merge along with the waterfall.

You can easily combine the Véu da Noiva waterfall viewpoint with a visit to Seixal beach, the Seixal Natural Pools and chão da Ribeira, the village the village that competed for the 7 Wonders - Villages of Portugal.

Walk throught 25 fontes

Searching for nature landscapes?

The Rabaçal valley is one of Mother Nature's greatest masterpieces and if you are visiting Madeira for the first time you must do a levada walk at least once.

This Levada is the most famous walk and it offers fascinating landscape and tremendous valleys, spectacular waterfalls infinite laurel forest, and beautiful springs along its 13km way. The hike can be completed in about 3-4 hours depending on how long you relax and enjoy the surroundings.

After about 2-kilometers, you will reach a fork in the road. You can either head to the Risco Waterfall on the right or you can head to follow the Levada das 25 Fontes to the end of the trail. To the Risco Waterfall is just 800-meters each way and is definitely worth it.

There is lots of vibrant colors to be found in the lush coverage on either side of the trail, especially when you reach the waterfall at the end, which is a great place to grab your snacks and lunch, sit down and take it all in.


Visit Ribeiro Frio park, Santana

Ribeiro Frio park is a place that would be difficult to describe in just one sentence.

Located on the northeast is a unique place, in a deep valley surrounded by mountains and scented forests that offer a pleasant environment. Its slopes are populated by numerous species of plants, and some birds, which can also be observed.

For those who want to go on a trek without venturing for hours, the surroundings of Ribeiro Frio are a must with the walk ‘’Balcões’’, is only 45 minutes and at the end the landscape is stunning, the island’s Central Mountain Range and right on the background your eyes can reach the imponent rock ‘’Penha D’águia’’.

Hike to Caldeirão verde

Nature and adventure lover? This levada walk was made for you!

Caldeirão Verde hike is one of the best levada walks on Madeira Island with lush jungles and several amazing waterfalls!

This fairy tale in a green paradise starts at the Queimadas house and the hike will take you about four hours, especially if you have a nice lunch break at the main waterfall, which is at the halfway point of the trail before you turn back.

This walk is 12 kilometres but is worth your precious time in the island, due to its magnificent views over the village of São Jorge and the immense mountains, the 130 meters waterfall and its extraordinarily green route.

Visit the typical Santana houses

Who has never heard about the famous typical Santana houses? Certainly, everyone does because is one the most known icons of Madeira's culture and represent a part of our heritage.

Oddly enough, Madeiran people used to live inside these small houses, and it had different compartment such as attic, where agricultural products were kept, and a ground floor, where the residential area was located, divided into two separate parts, the kitchen, and the bedroom.

They were made of straw, from the cereal plantation that served to cover them, and wood, because it was cheap.

We suggest, if possible, that you visit Santana on weekends because just across the street, there is a regional fruits and vegetables market, which you can explore.

Watch the sunrise at Guindaste viewpoint

This place is the ‘’sunrise hunters’’ spot and is one of the best sunrise costal in Madeira on the north side, is very known among locals and it offers exceptional views of the rugged cliffs that flow into the sea from Faial to Ponta de São Lourenço. On your right side you will see Penha D’Aguia, the landmark of Porto da Cruz.

The sun starts rising above the horizon between the clouds on your east side and glows up the sea, the mountains, and all surroundings with orange and yellow colors providing you beautiful scenes for photography or just to enjoy the start of a new day.

On clear days it is even possible to see the island of Porto Santo from this viewpoint.


Discover Santo da Serra Park

Quinta da Junta is an excellent park built by the Blandy family, best known for their large collection of camellias. Explore the park through its many walks, each one special, where you can observe different species of indigenous and exotic trees and shrubs.

In between one of these walks try to find the belvedere with the breathtaking view over the Machico valley and Porto Santo island.

This place is a well-known public leisure and recreation space with a picnic park, already visited by most Madeirans, who take the opportunity to have various get-togethers and spend the day there.

Look for the animals, which are around your garden, and among them you will see peacocks, ducks, horses, servants, and deer.

Watch the sunrise or the sunset in Pico Arieiro

Above the clouds would be the perfect description of this beautiful place, which reflects all the beauty of the island in various scenarios. The highlight of one of them is a splendid sunset that invites several people to go there for an enchanting moment covered in yellows, oranges and purples colours.

These wonderful colours, give us a breathtaking feeling, we can see the green mountains appearing between them as a display of splendour.

Pico do Arieiro is the third highest peak in Madeira and truly the best place for romance. Look for a sunny day and you will witness a blanket of clouds below you, which is very fascinating if it's your first time seeing it.

Admire Funchal sight from Ecological Park of Funchal

What is the most breathtaking view you can have of the great city of Funchal?

Located at an altitude of 1,129 metres, before you even enter the park there is a viewpoint called Pico Alto is one of the best choices you can make, along with the viewpoint inside the ecological park of Funchal, which has some small tables ideal for snacks.

More than 30 species of birds have been seen here and the flora is quite varied, with endemic species standing out. However, this natural place is not just about the viewpoints, it is also a leisure area where relaxation and entertainment come together, there is a large area to explore, places to have a barbecue and children have plenty of room to play surrounded by lush green mountains.

Know more about São vicente caves

Culture, knowledge, and beauty come together in this tour along with 890 thousand years of history inside these special caves, volcanic stalactites, and crystal-clear small lakes.

This playful place intends to make known the birth of the Earth, and here you will be impressed to know that they were formed by a volcanic eruption, which occurred in Paul da Serra.

The Volcanism Center is also an excellent complementary visit to the São Vicente Caves, making them an example of the island's geological formation. At the Center there is a pavilion where an audiovisual show is exhibited, in which the geological evolution of the caves is recreated, the eruption of a volcano is staged, and the birth of the island is simulated.

Explore Ponta do Garajau area

The Cristo Rei viewpoint is located in Ponta do Garajau, and is indeed a perfect place to experience various activities with your family or friends.

Go down the stairs of the viewpoint and you will be in another dimension, enjoy the magnificent view over Funchal and Desertas and feel the serenity and silence around you.

This place is also known for its important nature reserve, which is located in a small plot of land at its eastern base, which is called the best snorkelling spot in Madeira. In the direction of Garajau Beach, the route is connected by a cable car, where you can go down the cliff overlooking the beach where you can observe various sea birds. Down below, enjoy the crystal clear waters for swimming, diving or stand up paddle.

Go to the picturesque village of Curral das Freiras

Nestling in a vast mountain bowl a thousand metres deep, the small village of Curral das Freiras is one of Europe’s hidden gems and the most majestic place on the Atlantic.

Set in a crater-like depression and hemmed in by high mountains, the name of this places refers to 1566 when nuns from the Santa Clara Convent in Funchal sought refuge in this remote spot whilst French pirates attacked and pillaged their city.

Perched on the north-east edge of the Pico Serrado, the look-out point of Eira do Serrado is a must-see, looming 1,053 metres (3,455 feet) above Curral das Freiras affords head-spinning surroundings. It is a truly inspiring place and as high as the clouds to get a sense of the city just as a drone.

In November the first, happens the popular chestnut party, an important regional agricultural product, an opportunity to taste the delicacies and derivatives of this dried fruit: roasted chestnuts, liqueurs, cakes and cookies.